10 Very Attainable New Year’s Resolutions


  1. Watch less TV. Most of your favorite shows can also be watched on your laptop or tablet.
  2. Take the stairs. Just because the elevator at your office is being serviced doesn’t mean you have to go home.
  3. Eat healthier. Make this the year you finally try the almond butter.
  4. Be more frugal. Cancel your gym membership within 30 days of when you stop going instead of waiting until September.
  5. Recycle. By putting your beer and wine bottles in your neighbor’s recycle instead of hiding them in your own trash you’ll be helping the planet and still avoiding the judgment of others.
  6. Walk more. When you order an Uber have it drop you off a block from where you’re going so you can arrive on foot and people will think your FitBit actually measures something.
  7. Meditate in your cubicle. It’s the same as taking a nap, but more acceptable somehow because you’re seated instead of sprawled out under your desk.
  8. Be more efficient with time. Start eating dinner as soon as exit you the drive-thru. Not only will you be multitasking by eating dinner while you commute, but this way your fast food won’t get cold.
  9. Quit smoking. There are a far easier, more socially-acceptable ways to ingest nicotine.
  10. Get a new job. It’s easier to ask your boss to transfer you to another department than actually find a new one.

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