Ryan has that elusive gift of gab. His words flow effortlessly forth like water from my basement floor after a particularly nasty November week in Seattle. He can straight up write. —Noah Tannen, Creative Director & Principal at Rupert

What Ryan Nickum lacks in hair he more than makes up for in creative genius. His work (sometimes filthy but always hilarious) is consistently unique, quirky, and weirdly wonderful. — Angela Chang, Product Copywriter for

As a bald man, I know that no one with a full head of hair can posses the attention to detail and elements of style as a bald man can.  And among the bald, Ryan Nickum stands out as a prince in his field.  Hire him. — Jim Hopper, Executive Director, Bainbridge Community Foundation

The ability to effectively communicate and the skills associated with being a talented writer…all of these are expected when it comes to someone in Ryan’s position. Ryan exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond his assigned and self-assigned responsibilities with his loyalty and dedication. When something doesn’t seem quite right, Ryan becomes a detective and sleuths out the answers. He does not settle. In addition to stringing together witty bits of hilarity when it comes to his deal copy, Ryan is never insular nor too shy to interdepartmentally intermingle. He seeks out solutions to tough issues, solves problems and writes great copy—quickly and effectively. On top of all that, he’s both uproarious and one heck of a nice guy. — Avra Romaniwitz, Copy Editor, Amazon


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